Monday, May 08, 2006

Those Who Stay Will Be CHAMPIONS

During Bo Schembechler's first year as Head Coach at U-M in 1969 he had a sign placed in the locker room that read, "Those Who Stay Will Be CHAMPIONS". This has become a legendary motivational phrase that continues to live on today with the current players who don the maize and blue. I've always liked the phrase because it exemplifies the Michigan ideal: perseverance and hard work paying off with winning results. It is for that reason that I chose to name this blog: Those who stay will be champions. Well, for that reason, and for the fact that many of the other good Michigan football names (MGoblue; winged helmet; victors valiant, etc.) had all been taken. There are many good Michigan Football blogs out there (M Zone, Michigan Sports Center, and M Go Blog to name a few) so why add my blog to the list? Well, because I wanted to add my two cents worth. Whether it's worth reading...well, that's for you to decide. I do notice that many of the Michigan blogs plow the same territory (there are only so many times I can read Ryan Mallett committed to U-M and Jimmy Clausen of ND has a bad haircut) so I am going to TRY to branch out as I go but I'll just have to see how that works out. If you stick with me, however, I can tell you one thing.......................THOSE WHO STAY WILL BE CHAMPIONS!
(Don't tell me you didn't see that coming.)
*Note: Vidcap of the original "Those Who Stay Will be CHAMPIONS" locker room sign from


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