Friday, June 09, 2006

Where are they now? Rich Hewlett

The sign in the locker room (and the url for this site) reads: Those who stay will be champions. During Bo's first season, a player who was quitting the team scrawled in magic marker on the sign: "Those who don't, will be doctors, lawyers, and other important people." Well, for Rich Hewlett both things came true. Rich Hewlett or Richard T. Hewlett as he is now professionally known was a back-up quarterback on the 1980 team that won the Big Ten Championship and the 1981 Rose Bowl game which was Bo's first Rose Bowl victory. However, Hewlett is probably best remembered for the fact that he was the starting quarterback in the 1979 Michigan/Ohio State game when he was a true freshman. Hewlett is now a successful attorney with the silk stocking law firm of Butzel Long. Thus, he stayed at U of M to be a champion AND he became a successful lawyer. Now when you get Rich Hewlett's autograph you can get two birds with one stone. When Mr. Hewlett signs the Complaint to initiate a lawsuit, you are getting the autograph of a famous U of M player and you are striking fear into the heart of the Defendant that they are about to lose the lawsuit. Go Blue!



At 10:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like Richard Hewlett is doing as good now as he has ever been. I dig these background stories!


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