Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Who made that play?

Today was the first day of the Big 10 Football meetings in Chicago and Michigan announced...(wait for it)...the jersey numbers it assigned to its freshman players. I'm sure the media was overwhelmed. For the die-hard faithful, however, that can be important information for two reasons. First, I know fans who want to commit the numerical roster to memory so when players come in and out of the game they can proudly announce it to everyone seated around them without having to consult their free paper program first. (Not that I or my seatmate do that). Secondly, some fans may want to get ahead of the curve and special order a jersey from the M-Den with the number on it of the freshman player who will be the next great Wolverine star. If you went to buy a jersey, you are most likely going to find numbers "1", "7", "15", and "20" available. However, you can special order a jersey with the number of your choice from the M-Den. Thus, if you want to have a "65" jersey for Justin Boren then you can order one and stand out from the crowd while everyone else is sporting Chad Henne's #7.

Without further ado, here is the list of the freshman Wolverines and the jersey numbers they will be wearing:
  • Greg Banks: 92
  • Justin Boren: 65
  • Carlos Brown: 23
  • Stevie Brown: 30
  • David Cone: 12
  • Perry Dorrestein: 79
  • Obinna Ezeh: 44
  • John Ferrara: 94
  • Brandon Graham: 55
  • Jason Kates: 93
  • Greg Matthews: 13
  • Brandon Minor: 4
  • Cobrani Mixon: 33
  • Jonas Mouton: 8
  • Quintin Patilla: 36
  • Adam Patterson: 99
  • Stephen Schilling: 52
  • Quintin Woods: 88
  • Bryan Wright: 43

Go Blue!


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