Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Banner Performance

Every home game one of the most exciting moments prior to kickoff is when the Michigan team comes roaring out of the tunnel and the players leap up and touch the M GO BLUE banner on their way to the west sideline. Against CMU, however, the geniuses from the M Club who were holding the banner on the North side of the field had the banner all twisted up which kind of ruined the effect. (Click here to see photo gallery; go to 3rd photo to see the twisted banner). I think they need to hold a remedial Banner Raising class so those members can learn how to raise and hold the banner upright without looking like a bunch of doofuses.

While I am on the subject of pre-game pomp and circumstance, I want to address a question I was asked by a reader about the coin toss ceremony. Joining the two team captains (LaMarr Woodley and Jake Long) at mid-field for the coin toss was 5th-year senior Obi Oluigbo. For the coin toss in week one the two team captains had been joined by 5th-year senior Darnell Hood. The reason Oluigbo and Hood were out there for the respective coin tosses was because they each had been selected to serve as the special teams captain during the respective games. Go Blue!



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