Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hart should change his jersey number to 31

Mike Hart entered the Iowa game leading the nation with 183 carries. In the game vs. the Hawkeyes, Hart carried the ball 31 times for 126 yards and 2 touchdowns. This game marked the fourth (4th) time this season that Hart tallied 31 rushes in a game. Following are Hart's game-by-game statistics:

  • vs. Vanderbilt 31 att., 146 yds., 0 tds.
  • vs. Central Mich. 19 att, 116 yds, 3 tds.
  • at Notre Dame 31 att., 124 yds., 1 td.
  • vs. Wisconsin 23 att., 91 yds., 1 td.
  • at Minnesota 31 att., 195 yds., 0 tds.
  • vs. Mich. State 22 att., 122 yds., 0 tds.
  • at Penn State 26 att., 112 yds., 1 td.
  • vs. Iowa 31 att., 126 yds., 2 tds.

With Northwestern (2-6), Ball State (2-6), and Indiana (4-4) as the Wolverines next three opponents, it is time to cut back on the number of carries for Hart. Michigan has a deep backfield with Kevin Grady, Brandon Minor and Carlos Brown and none of the three even touched the ball versus the Hawkeyes. As I've posted before, Hart needs to be fresh for the November 18th contest versus the Buckeyes and the back-ups need more experience so it benefits everyone to spread the carries around for the next three games. Hart should be limited to 20 carries per game and the remaining carries should be split amongst Minor/Brown/Grady with the two freshman receiving the bulk of the carries because they need the most experience. Minor has amassed 118 yards on just 18 rushes this year while Brown has been even more limited in his playing time and has just 8 carries for 18 yards this season. As it has been determined that Brown will not be applying for a medical redshirt this year, it is especially vital to get him some carries to make it worthwhile that he is using his first year of eligiblity this season. Brown and Minor are more than capable of "getting it done" on the "extra" carries that Hart gives up in the next 3 games when he hits the magic number of 20 carries. Go Blue!

*Note: Photo of Mike Hart (20) by Rashaun Rucker/Detroit Free Press



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