Monday, October 02, 2006

Third Down Conversions

What a difference a week makes. A week after going a dismal 2-13 on third down (0-1 on 4th down) vs. Wisconsin, the Wolverines were incredibly efficient against Minnesota converting 10-15 third down plays and 1-1 on 4th down conversions. The success against the Golden Gophers on third down conversions was keyed by the Wolverines rushing game. The Wolverines were able to keep themselves in favorable down-and-distance situations because they were averaging 5.2 yards per carry.

On the season on 3rd down plays, QB Chad Henne is 19-35 (54.3%) for 318 yards, 5 tds., 3 ints., 6 sacks. As a team, the Wolverines are 29/72 (40%) on 3rd down conversions this season and are 3/4 (75%) on 4th down conversions. This is fairly comparable to how the Wolverines performed over the course of the entire previous season. In the 2005 season, the Wolverines were 78/188 (41.5%) on 3rd down conversions and 12/23 (52.2%) on 4th down conversions. Unlike 2005, the Wolverines have attempted only four 4th down conversions this season thus far because they have been ahead early in almost every game they have played this season. Go Blue!


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