Sunday, November 12, 2006

ABC-TV Broadcast team set for M/OSU game

The announcing crew for the M/OSU game will consist of Brent Musburger (play-by-play); Bob Davie and Kirk Herbstreit (color analysts); Bonnie Bernstein (OSU sideline) and Lisa Salters (M sideline). Although Ms. Bernstein and Ms. Salters are both excellent journalists, their combined talents do not equal the talent of the one and only Erin Andrews. Ms. Andrews should rightfully be doing the sideline reporting for both teams during The Game. As for the crew in the booth, I think those guys do a good job but I prefer to listen to announcers prone to pro-Michigan homerism. Therefore, I'll be watching the television picture but turning off the sound so I can tune in to the call of Frank Beckmann and Jim Brandstatter on the radio. Click here to find out where to tune the dial in your area to listen to the broadcast from the Michigan Sports Network. Go Blue!



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