Saturday, November 18, 2006


All the pre-game talk about whether there should be a rematch seemed superflous as I was merely focused on The Game as it was "Win and You are In." However, now that the game has been played and Michigan came up on the wrong end of the 42-39 score , it seems as if I should at least contemplate the possibility of a rematch in the BCS Championship game. The issue is debated by the Detroit Free Press columnists. Over at the Freep, Michael Rosenberg entitled his article, "Let's Play 2" but Drew Sharp provides the counter-point in his article, "...then again maybe that's not a great idea." The Free Press then provides a BCS Primer that details what has to happen for a rematch to transpire and the authors conclude it is unlikely that a rematch will occur. Also in the Detroit Free Press are excellent photo galleries of the first-half action and the second-half action. Go Blue!


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