Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Arrington, Butler and Germany to miss spring practice for unspecified reasons

It was revealed today that wide receiver Adrian Arrington, tight end Carson Butler, and defensive end Eugene Germany are being held out of Spring Football Practice by Coach Carr for the dreaded "unspecified reasons." When asked about the three players return to the team for Fall Practice in August, Coach Carr responded: "That is possible. Maybe not probable." Unconfirmed reports have been swirling around the internet for the past two weeks alleging that the dismissal of the three players from the team was for a drug violation.

In a wholly unrelated matter, Heisman Trophy candidate Mike Hart (RB) will also miss Spring Practice this season. Hart is out due to a "minor arthoscopic procedure." All of Coach Carr's comments at the Pre-Spring Football Press Conference can be found here. Go Blue!

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