Sunday, March 25, 2007

Your #15 Steve Breaston jersey just became your Ryan Mallett jersey

Good news for all the Michigan fans who own #15 "Steve Breaston" jerseys, Ryan Mallett has chosen #15 (his high school number) as his uniform number at Michigan. Thus, Breaston fans will not have to mothball their #15 jerseys just because Breaston has graduated. In fact, the Breaston fans will be out front of the Mallett craze and they will not even have to shell out any more money ($70-$150) for a Mallett jersey. Mallett will be following in the grand tradition of Elvis Grbac who wore #15 while playing quarterback for the Wolverines from 1989-1992.

Other Spring Practice number switches and assignments are:

Stevie Brown: #3 (previously #30)
Kevin Grady: #24 (previously #3)
Doug Dutch: #35 (previously #81)
Obi Ezeh: #45 (previously #44)
Vince Helmuth: #32
Artis Chambers: #38
Austin Panter: #54

The one number switch that did not occur (but still may at some point) is switching WR Mario Manningham's jersey number from #86 to the legendary #1. Last year, Braylon Edwards endowed a scholarship to be awarded to the player assigned to wear the coveted #1 jersey. No player wore #1 last season. Mario Manningham certainly deserves the honor but there is no word if such an assignment will occur this season. Go Blue!

*Note: Photo of Ryan Mallett (15) and quarterbacks coach Scot Loeffler at Spring Practice on March 24, 2007 by John T. Greilick/The Detroit News



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