Sunday, October 07, 2007

Fans in the stands

Michigan had 108,415 in attendance on Saturday at The Big House for the Eastern Michigan game. However, when PA announcer Carl Grapentine announced the attendance for the game, I do not recall if he gave the typical preamble "The largest crowd watching football anywhere in America today." For the second time this season, Penn State outdrew Michigan. Penn State had 108,951 in attendance for Saturday's Penn State/Iowa game.

Of the fans who do make it to the Big House regularly, one of the most popular is "Hot Dog Man" Jay Trzcinski. Apparently, it started last season when Mr. Trzcinski, a Senior in the College of Engineering, flung a hot dog to a buddy during the Iowa game. He then went and bought ten (10) hot dogs and threw them out in the student section. Thus, the legend of "Hot Dog Man" was born. The problem is that "Hot Dog Man" is not as popular with the ushers as he is with the students. He has been threatened with eviction if he continues to throw dogs to the students. As popular as "Hot Dog Man" is with the students, I venture to say that he is the #2 most popular fan. The most popular fan is Michigan's (more fully clothed) version of Jenn Sterger. She is second from right in the picture shown above. Apparently, she often sits in the front row as she was first pictured by the Detroit News photographer at the Oregon game. This popular football fan is apparently creating quite a stir on the internets every time they flash her image on TV such as in the screen capture shown above from the Penn State game. Next thing you know, she will have her own column on Go Blue!
*Note: Screen capture of Big Ten Network broadcast of the Michigan/Penn State game from Michigan Against the World


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