Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday Press Conference- Week Twelve

It is Ohio State Game Week and Coach Carr gave his thoughts at the Monday Press Conference while speaking on behalf of the players were Adam Kraus, Jake Long, Will Johnson, Jamar Adams, and Brandent Englemon. To get ready for the Michigan/Ohio State game, you can read up on the historic rivalry and/or you can watch the new HBO documentary which debuts tomorrow. Also, you can learn all the facts about this year's matchup by reading the Michigan Game Notes (.pdf; 54 pages). To get a look at the game from a Buckeye perspective, check out the Ohio State Game Notes (.pdf; 51 pages). Also, Ann Arbor needs to be prepared because the ESPN Gameday crew is rolling into town this Saturday to broadcast from A2. Lastly, Brian of MGoBlog (the Dean of the "M" Blogosphere) is "reporting" that Coach Carr will announce his retirement next week. Go Blue!


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