Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Riverview boy makes good

Coach Carr grew up in the Downriver community of Riverview and graduated from Riverview Community High School (RCHS) where he had played football under the legendary Ernie Mayoros. Coach Carr quarterbacked the Riverview Pirates to a State Championship in 1962. It was in the 'View that Coach Carr learned the life lessons that he would later impart to his players when he became Head Coach of the Wolverines. Coach Carr retired yesterday from Michigan with the third most wins of any football coach in school history. Yet, more important to Coach Carr than his wins (122) or his 1997 National Championship, is the number of players he impacted on a personal level during his thirteen (13) years at the helm of the Wolverines. Coach Carr is a tremendous credit to the University and his impact on his players will be felt for years to come. To think it all started in little old Riverview. Go Blue!
*Note: Top picture of Coach Carr (left) in Riverview letter sweater w/ friend Jessie Jenkins; Picture at right: High School Graduation photo of Coach Carr w/ his mom.



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