Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Signing Day: Michigan lands 23 new Wolverines

Michigan signed 23 prep student-athletes to binding National Letters of Intent today. The incoming class is very impressive. However, the class does not include highly regarded prospects Nick Perry or Terrelle Pryor. Perry committed to USC. As for Pryor, he announced that Penn State and Oregon were back in the running and that he would announce his decision at a later date. The last committment of the day came from Sam McGuffie. McGuffie had been one of the earliest verbal commitments of this recruiting class. However, when it came time today for him to sign and send in his LOI, McGuffie appeared to be wavering. He did not send in his LOI this afternoon as anticipated and it was believed he may have been thinking about switching to California. However, McGuffie has sent his LOI to Michigan this evening and ,in doing so, becomes the 23rd member of this year's class. As for Michigan's committments, it includes six offensive lineman but only one quarterback. Nevertheless, the recruiting class that signed today bodes well for Michigan's future. Go Blue!


At 1:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nevertheless, the recruiting class that signed today bodes well for Michigan's future.

Pffffft! You owe me a new computer screen. That doesn't exactly jive with your earlier comment that Michigan's future will "likely be worse."

Your hatred of the new coach is palpable. I'm sure you'll retract your earlier statements as it becomes more apparant that RichRod was not in fact at fault in his dispute with WVU. ><

Thanks anyways, Google Reader, but I clearly don't need to add this place to my blogroll.

At 7:43 PM, Blogger mzgoblue said...

Contrary to your juvenile assertion, I have no ill will toward Coach Rodriguez. I do feel, however, that he does not measure up to Michigan's previous coaches (i.e., Bo Schembechler and Lloyd Carr) in terms of charachter. Bo and Lloyd were men of uncommon stature. Rodriguez is nothing but a run of the mill coach. He is cut from the same cloth as Nick Saban. In fact, Rodriguez is closer to being like Rick Neuheisel than he is Bo and/or Lloyd.

This year's recruiting class was a success. Much of that success is attributable to Lloyd Carr and his staff. The talent in this class bodes well for Michigan's long term future. However, even with contributions from the incoming freshmen, next season is still likely to be a tough one. Furthermore, the future is not as bright as it might be if Michigan had a Head Coach with more integrity leading the program. Nevertheless, all is certainly not lost and the Wolverines will do well even with Coach Rodriguez at the helm. As for who was at fault in the dispute between Coach Rod and WVU there seems to be enough blame to go around for everyone. It is just too bad that Michigan would want to associate itself with a coach who conducted himself in such a manner. I can't imagine that quintessential professionals such as Bo and Lloyd would ever put themselves into the position that Coach Rodriguez put himself into at WVU.

At 11:36 AM, Anonymous mgoblue said...

damn, those are some harsh comments from anonymous. You can't please everyone huh?


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