Friday, March 21, 2008

Pryor commits to OSU- Rich Rod out of snake oil

The day Rich Rod decided to take the head coaching job at Michigan in December, 2007, he called Terrelle Pryor before he even told his own BCS bowl series bound Mountaineers about his impending departure for Ann Arbor. Rich Rod made another call to Terrelle Pryor on Wednesday morning (March 19, 2008) in a last ditch effort to get Pryor to follow him to A2 to run the Wolverines spread offense. In between those two calls, Rich Rod had many other calls to Pryor but Terrelle was apparently immune to Rich Rod's wizadry as Pryor had his mind made up to commit to "the University of Ohio State." (sic) Thus ends the saga of the recruitment of the uber-athlete that was considered the dual-threat QB that could revolutionize the Wolverine offense next season. I wish the young man well. Just not against Michigan. Go Blue!

Postscript: In her article in the Detroit News regarding the Terrelle Pryor commitment to OSU, Angelique Chengelis (a/k/a The Angel of The Big House) wrote, "To dub this latest entry in the rivalry 'Ohio State coach Jim Tressel 1, Michigan coach Rodriguez 0,' is foolish." The same day, the column of Drew Sharp of The Detroit Free Press was entitled (you guessed it)- "Jim Tressel 1 Rich Rodriguez 0".

*Note: Photo of Terrelle Pryor (11) is file photo from Pittsburgh Post Gazette


At 10:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

golly gee..dang..darn
you mean we got his boy
good luck coach and um


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