Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bad weather makes for sloppy spring scrimmage

Michigan conducted its 100-play controlled scrimmage today at Saline High School and the poor weather conditions contributed to the Wolverines' sloppy performance. Michigan employed very generic formations on both sides of the ball during the scrimmage as Coach Rod did not want to reveal any schemes. Coach Rod stated after the scrimmage, "We’re being very generic today. We wouldn’t let the defense do too many things, wouldn’t let the offense do some different things because, why show your hand? I don’t know who’s here. There may be folks who snuck in here that we don’t want to see.” As for his satisfaction with the level of play, Coach Rod was quoted as saying, "This was like most of the scrimmages we’ve had. There’s some things I shake my head (at) and are really ugly and there’s some that give you some hope. As a coach, I’ve learned to be a little more patient with our first spring.” He also commented that, "We'll be all right."

It appears that Steven Threet (So./Fr.) has pulled ahead in the competition to be named the starting quarterback. He ran the first team offense during the scrimmage and appeared sharper than the other quarterbacks. Nick Sheridan (Jr./So.) runs well but his arm is not nearly as strong as Threet's arm. Third-string QB David Cone continues to struggle and is not in the mix.

Photos of the spring scrimmage are available from the Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press. For a detailed report- including video and exclusive audio- from someone who attended the scrimmage, head over to the always fantastic Go Blue!

*NOTE: Photo of Steve Threet (10) scrambling during the spring scrimmage at Saline High School on April 12, 2008 by ERIC SEALS/Detroit Free Press.


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