Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Five Fantastic Finishes

There have been plenty of fantastic finishes over the years of Michigan Football. Below are videos of five classic finishes. Enjoy and Go Blue!

  • #5 Fantastic Finish: 11/3/07 vs. MSU- Mario Manningham catches the game-winning TD pass in the waning moments for a thrilling come from behind road victory.
  • #4 Fantastic Finish: 10/30/04 vs. MSU- Braylon Edwards leads Michigan to a stunning comeback victory in triple overtime.
  • #3 Fantastic Finish: 8/26/95 vs. Virginia- Mercury Hayes' TD catch with no time left on the clock gives Coach Carr a win in his first game as Head Coach.
  • #2 Fantastic Finish: 10/15/05 vs. Penn State- Freshman Super Mario Manningham's TD catch with no time left gives Michigan the victory over the Nittany Lions.
  • #1 Fantastic Finish: 10/27/79 vs Indiana- The classic Wangler-to-Carter TD pass as time ran out that sent announcer Bob Ufer into fits of euphoria!


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