Monday, September 08, 2008

Book Review: The USA Today College Football Encyclopedia

I recently received The USA Today College Football Encylopedia to review and I have not been able to put it down. I also had some trouble picking it up. The Encylopedia is massive. It runs over 1,300 pages and is crammed full of game recaps (over 7,000), season reviews and historical team lineups, records and statistics. It covers 70 major football schools from 1953-present. It is like having every school's media guide compiled in one easy-to-use resource. The encylopedia is billed as the most comprehensive resource on college football ever set to type. I was skeptical of such a claim, despite the book's heft, believing it to be mere hyperbole. However, once I dove into the book's contents I quickly realized that referring to this book as comprehensive is an understatement. This College Football Encylopedia has everything you wanted to know and a whole lot more. It is unbelievable how much great information is contained in this one reference guide. Whether you are a college football blogger looking for information or just a casual fan who likes to impress his seatmates with arcane facts, this encylopedia is the ultimate resource. It is a great value ($24.95) and is a perfect gift for any college football fan on your Christmas list. I highly recommend this Encylopedia for anyone who loves college football. Grade: A Go Blue!


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