Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Coach Rod- Fit to lead?

During his Press Conference yesterday, Coach Rod looked like a broken man. Charitably, many people characterized him as being "emotional". More specifically, he appeared disheartened, confused, and disillusioned. What he did not look like was a leader of men. Bo and Lloyd were always unflappable. No matter the situation, neither Bo or Lloyd ever lost focus on the task at hand- leading the players to victory. Bo and Lloyd would each cast aside distractions and keep on task. Neither of them ever broke down. In contrast, Coach Rod has clearly let the allegations get the best of him. He was an emotional wreck. Despite his assertions to the contrary that this will not be a distraction, this situation will take away from the task at hand (winning on Saturday) simply because it is too much for Coach Rod to handle. He is clearly overwhelmed. A broken man is not in a position to lead others to victory. Coach Rod needs to pull it together and fast. It's game week. Go Blue!

*Note: Photo of an "emotional" Coach Rod from his 8-31-09 Press Conference from MGoBlog.com

*Note 2: Photo of Coach Schembechler from collection of Bentley Historical Library, U-M.

*Note 3: Photo of Coach Carr by Rashaun Rucker/Detroit Free Press.


At 3:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You would have to agree that neither Bo nor Lloyd had to deal with as much adversity when they took their new jobs as head coach. Also, the media has become much more prolific and even the least significant issues are made to be earth-shattering.
Rich Rod is understandably frustrated and hurt by the consistent attacks on his character. He is most definitely an emotional man, but if that translates to passion and emotion for ultimate siccess at football, that's all that matters. As long he is NOT breaking any rules, who cares if he takes these things personally? This is his life, and any accusations of lack of character and propriety will of course be taken personally.
Until any proof of unique wrong-doing surfaces, I am still on his side.
Hell, even Tressel said you can't have a championship level program without the team putting in a lot of extra work, provided it is "voluntary".
Go Blue!

At 9:18 PM, Blogger mzgoblue said...

Your premise that neither Bo nor Lloyd had to deal with as much adversity when they respectively assumed the post of Michigan Head Coach is debatable. In Coach Carr's case, he assumed the post on an interim basis on May 16, 1995 in the wake of the resignation of Gary Moeller. Carr's appt. was the subject of intense debate and scrutiny until the A.D. (in a then controversial move) named Carr the permanent coach on Nov. 13, 1995 with 2 regular season games remaining. Throughout, Coach Carr never flinched. Unlike Coach Carr, who stepped into a difficult situation, Coach Rod's difficulties were of his own making. When he left WVU, he brought a media storm with him.

Responding to adversity is part of the job description of Head Coach. Coach Carr and Schembechler always met challenges head on and always got the job done. Rich Rod looked like a broken man. He does not appear to be handling the pressure. It comes with the territory. If he can't handle it, he should be a coordinator not a Head Coach. It's the nature of the beast. Rich Rod did not look like a leader of men. Bo and Lloyd were leaders and winners. Being the Head Coach at Michigan is pressure packed. Coach Rod has yet to prove he is up to the task of handling the pressure of winning at Michigan.

At 5:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lloyd was "flappable" many times. Look no further than his "emotional" and nonsensical speech after the Oregon game after UM just got pistol-whipped just a week after the Appy State horror.

You, and this blog, haven't liked Rodriguez from the very beginning. You should just admit it.

At 9:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are where we are because of Lloyd Carr. Lloyd let Tressel get the best of him year in and year out. His team was unprepared for App St. then Oregon. That season ended his career, despite him putting it together for the remainder of the year. Rich Rod will build this program back up if you give him a chance. We need to improve this year by beating the teams we are supposed to beat, and winning a rivalry game or two and build on that. I'm behind Rich and the athletes he is putting on the field. You don't build a dynasty in a year or two.

At 2:12 PM, Anonymous RichRod said...

agreed with the above comment, you are a poor Michigan fan and need to get over your own crap and start sticking up for Rich Rod instead of trying to pile on him about stupid crap. That guy has done 0 wrong since he arrived and people like you make me sick and embarrassed. I hope you're not an alumnus of Michigan, and if you are you don't deserve it.


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