Saturday, January 02, 2010

2009 season team statistics

Michigan finished the 2009 season 5-7 (1-7 in Big 10, tied 10th place) but the won/loss record does not tell the entire story. Here is a look at how the Wolverines fared in 2009 in some key statistical categories (out of 120 FBS teams/11 Conference teams):

Total Offense: 384.5 yards/gm, 60th in NCAA, 7th in Big 10
Rushing Offense: 186.17 yds/gm, 26th in NCAA, 4th in Big 10
Passing Offense: 198.33 yds./gm, 80th in NCAA, 8th in Big 10
Scoring Offense: 29.5 pts/gm, 46th in NCAA, 4th in Big 10

Total Defense: 393.33 yds/gm, 82nd in NCAA, 9th in Big 10
Rushing Defense: 171.92 yds/gm, 91st in NCAA, 10th in Big 10
Pass Effiency Def: 131.79 rating, 72nd in NCAA, 8th in Big 10
Scoring Defense: 27.5 pts/gm, 78th in NCAA, 8th in Big 10

Turnover Margin: -1.00, 115th in NCAA, 11th in Big 10
Red Zone Offense: 67% efficiency, 116th in NCAA, 11th in Big 10
3rd Down Efficiency: 39.76%, 60th in NCAA, 6th in Big 10

Putting the statistics in perspective:

Michigan made vast strides in 2009 in the offensive stats improving on its dismal 2008 performance. Nevertheless, the offense still has a ways to go as it improved from dismal in 2008 to mediocre in 2009. The Wolverines finished 60th in the NCAA (of 120 FBS teams) in Total Offense which placed Michigan exactly in the middle of the pack. The 2009 passing offense still struggled finishing in the bottom one-third of all FBS schools (80th of 120). The running game was a highlight in 2009 (26th in NCAA, 4th in Big 10) but the two top rushers (Brandon Minor w/ 502 yds. and Carlos Brown w/ 480 yds.) are graduating. The leading returning rusher is back-up QB Denard Robinson (351 yds.). Among the returning running backs, Vince Smith (276 yds.) leads the pack with Mike Shaw (185 yds.) and Mike Cox (113 yds.) not far behind. The loss of Minor and Brown to graduation could prove to be a major setback to the Wolverines' running game as the three young running backs who are left behind may not be able to perform right away at the level of the two departing starters.

The 2009 defense struggled mightily as the Wolverines finished the season by losing its last seven (7) Big 10 Conference games. The defense finished in Total Defense ranked in the bottom one-third of all FBS teams (82nd of 120 teams). Unfortunately, the two top players from this lackluster unit are both heading to the pros (Brandon Graham and Donovan Warren). Additionally, the team's leading tackler in 2009 (Stevie Brown) is graduating. Thus, Def. Coordinator Greg Robinson will have his work cut out for him in trying to improve the performance of the defense in 2010.

Go Blue!


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