Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Photo Op!

In my post of Saturday, June 10, 2006, in which I gave a sud-by-sud account of my experience at the Carr Wash 4 Kids I mentioned that I did not take any photographs . However, the Ann Arbor News took one of me. More accurately, the picture was of my Jeep while it was getting soaped up by Offensive Coordinator Mike DeBord and a group of players at the "soap station". The picture was published in the Sunday edition (June 11, 2006) of the Ann Arbor News in the sports section on page D5. It was a great full-car shot taken from above by Robert Chase. The online version of the A2 News does not have the pictures included in the article so I'll have to scan the picture so I can post it here on the blog. What are the chances of all the cars going through the Carr Wash that a photo of my car getting washed would be selected for publication in the paper? Thank you Ann Arbor News! Go Blue!


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