Sunday, June 18, 2006

Trivia: Last Player to be Solo Team Captain?

Trivia Question: Who was the last Michigan Football player to serve as the sole team captain for the team?

Answer: Jim Mandich in 1969.

1969 was Bo's first year and TE Jim Mandich was the only team captain on that 1969 team. Following that year, Bo had multiple team captains serve each year in that position of honor. Sometimes it was two players serving as co-captains and sometimes it was three players serving as tri-captains. However, at least one player always came from the offense and at least one player always came from the defense each year. Coach Moeller and Coach Carr, during their respective tenures, continued the tradition of having multiple players serve as captains each year. Thus, Mandich remains the last team captain to have served without a counterpart.

Jim Mandich is now a sports talk radio host in Miami. He is beloved there as a key member of the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins team. Mandich now answers to the moniker "Mad Dog" as part of his radio shtick. He returned to Michigan for a night a couple of years ago to serve as Master of Ceremonies for the 2004 Michigan Football Bust put on by the U of M Club of Greater Detroit. Go Blue!


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