Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Defense: Play Fast

The defense had an impressive debut under Defensive Coordinator Ron English. Especially impressive was the defensive front four of LaMarr Woodley, Terrance Taylor, Alan Branch and Rondell Biggs. The whole defense (but especially the 4 guys up front) followed Coach English's mantra to "Play Fast." Coach English stresses that his defenders know their assignment, get to it and cover it well. Coach English has a "straight-ahead" philosophy and on Saturday the Wolverines just kept coming. Woodley had a break-out game but Biggs was almost as impressive at the other Defensive End spot. Although Woodley and Biggs put up the big numbers coming off the ends, Branch and Taylor also played extremely well coming up the middle. Vanderbilt QB Chris Nickson was harried all day and took quite a pounding over the course of the game. This defense looks like it is going to be tough to score on this year. Go Blue!



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