Thursday, August 24, 2006

It's a "key" play

Apparently the guys over at the MZone hate the "key" play tradition at Michigan Stadium. "Yost" authored a post where he beseeches everyone in attendance to put away the keys and to make some noise! The MZone boys asked that all in the Michigan blogosphere link to this post as they feel REALLY strongly about this topic. Considering that I read their very well done stuff on a daily basis I thought complying with their request was the least I could do for them. The MZone boys even made t-shirts to promote their anti-key play stance. Personally, I kind of like the key play tradition although I don't usually bother to participate simply because it is a hassle to dig out my keys when I'm packed into my row like a sardine. Nevertheless, I respect the passion and spirit that inspire the MZone boys to make the argument against the key play tradition. Read Yost's post and decide for yourself whether you will continue to jangle those keys on defensive 3rd down plays. Go Blue!


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