Friday, September 15, 2006

Player to watch: WR Adrian Arrington

Michigan has not put all of its offensive arsenal to use yet this season but everything will be on display on Saturday vs. Notre Dame and as the passing game comes alive a player to watch is WR Adrian Arrington. Arrington was injured in the season opener last year and missed the remainder of the 2005 campaign and he was slowed earlier this year by injuries as well but he is ready to break out as the Wolverines are looking for a consistent receiving threat.

At Monday's press conference, this is what Coach Carr had to say in response to a question about searching for roles for his receivers, "I think Adrian Arrington has done some very, very good things in the first two games. He missed some significant playing time in the fall with a bump and a bruise, pulled muscle. So he didn't go into the opener (healthy), as a matter of fact, he missed one day of practice that week. But what I've seen in the games I really like. I think he's done a great job blocking. In the limited opportunities he has got the football, I thought he has done a good job, and he's done some very good things in practice. I think Arrington hopefully is ready to play a bigger role."

In fact, getting Arrington some work was a reason that Henne stayed in the game in the 4th quarter vs. CMU. With 7:43 to go in the game and the Wolverines leading comfortably, Coach Carr kept Henne in the game rather than give back-up QB Jason Forcier some much needed snaps because Coach Carr wanted Henne to make some throws to Arrington on the drive to get Arrington some opportunities to catch the ball prior to Saturday's game. As Steve Breaston has, not suprisingly, failed to flourish as a receiver this season, Michigan is looking for a consistent threat and Coach Carr would like Arrington to be that player. Keep an eye on him on Saturday. Go Blue!



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