Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Where did the time go?

The change in the height of the kicking tee had an impact on Saturday's game but the most significant rule change involved the time keeping. Saturday's game finished in a lightning fast 3 hours and 3 minutes due to the new rules. Coach Carr estimated that the teams lost approximately 6 minutes of clock time. The two teams ran 125 plays which is about 20 or so plays less than normal. The length of the TV timeouts, however, remained unchanged. The rule change will make it less likely that a team will mount a big comeback from behind because the clock is always ticking. Over the course of the season, Coach Carr estimates that that an entire game's worth of time (60 minutes) will be lost because of the new rule. Of course, Michigan did add a 12th game this season so maybe it is all just a wash. Regardless, I will not be surprised if this rule is revisited after this season as it seems many coaches are dissatisfied with it. Go Blue!


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