Sunday, November 05, 2006

When is a win not a win?

Michigan defeated Ball State 34-26 and the Wolverines ran their season record to 10-0. This is only the second time since 1975 (1997 being the other) that the Wolverines have been 10-0. Nevertheless, to hear some of the Michigan faithful describe the game against Ball State you would think that the Wolverines had lost yesterday. Some particularly disgruntled "fans" in my section were even shouting "Fire Carr" during the game. Michael Rosenberg wrote an excellent article in the Detroit Free Press cautioning fans not to panic as Coach Carr does know what he is doing. Over at the Detroit News, Angelique S. Chengelis wrote that Michigan held off Ball State late and that Jake Long considered the game a reality check.

This week was originally scheduled to be Michigan's bye week. However, when the NCAA deemed that teams could play a 12 game schedule the Wolverines filled the bye week with the Ball State game. However, after nine (9) consecutive games many of Michigan's starters needed a rest. After last week's win versus Northwestern, Coach Carr commented that the Wolverines were a tired team. Thus, Coach Carr rested a lot of the starters for long stretches versus Ball State. This not only gave the worn down starters a breather it also gave the coaching staff a chance to evaluate some of the reserves who have not been able to play much this season. Although the game was closer than many would have liked, it allowed many reserves a chance to play and see game action in a pressure situation rather than just garbage time. In the long run, that will be beneficial to the team. Go Blue!


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