Monday, January 01, 2007

Sifting through the wreckage

Looking at the early returns, a few things are striking about the statistics from today's Rose Bowl game. Michigan was held to 12 net rushing yards. This is not quite as bad as it first seems in that net rushing yards factors in lost yards due to sacks. Michigan yielded 6 sacks and lost over 40 yards which suppressed its rushing yards total. However, it is terrible that the Wolverines yielded seven sacks in this game (five in the first half) after yielding only 18 in the first 12 games of the season. There was a complete and total breakdown of the O-Line in this game. On the defensive side of the ball, Michigan allowed John David Booty (27/45 391 yds. 4 tds.) to amass Heisman-like numbers. His favorite target was Dwayne Jarrett (11 rec. 205 yds. 2 tds.) who tortured the Michigan secondary all afternoon. A team knows it is in trouble when its statistical highlight is the fact that its punter (Zoltan Mesko) had an excellent game. A breakdown of the statistics from the game will occur when my breakdown is over. Go Blue!



At 12:48 AM, Anonymous Detroit Dan said...

Not so fast my friend as a longtime supporter and UM season ticket holder - I think Lloyds time has come - lets review - 1-5 against damn Tressel - specifically no Ohio State or bowl wins during the Henne/Hart tenure. Zero National Titles since 1950 for the Victors - ok maybe 1 a shared '97 title (by no fault of our own) Tressel seems to outcoach us as we get off the bus - completely unacceptable. I get a sick feeling everytime I see Ohio St. take the field against us.

Lloyds play calling today again was maddening... More coaching would be nice and less yelling at the refs. Henne typical in his throws - some brilliant and some horrendous - (what was that throw to the USC lineman!!!) I have to wonder about Henne and Hart proclaiming their loyalty to U of M - and turning down the NFL - are they so sure they would be drafted any higher than the 3rd round at this point? I am glad they will be back - They are good players, the best we currently have at those positions, but 1st or 2nd round NFL draft picks - Unlikely.

I would be for graciously moving Lloyd into the front office (no firing like the losers would do at Ohio St.) and getting a top tier coach to bring back season ending victories! Go Blue!

At 7:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is long past due for Carr to move on. That brief review just scratches the surface. Ohio St will continue to win the vast majority of the games - Tressel outcoaches everytime.
Carroll will win those games regularly as well.
Now with MSU getting a coach, MSU will also start to beat UM & the in-state rivalry will be lost as well.
With WI & NW coming on, and when PSU replaces Paterno (with a good coach?) the Big 10 will not have UM as a contender. Then the bowl games will be minor and recruiting will drop off. By then it is too late and a huge rebuilding job is needed - 5 to 10 years of uphill work - with recruiting violations, etc. it could be longer.
DON'T move Carr to the front office - he can't be allowed to have any interaction with the program. Otherwise it will be the usual 'promote from within' in-breeding. Look a little closer at DeBord - while head coach at CMU terrible record & players that were rapists & murders. A lot for even UM alum to cover up.
Hire some new blood.

At 2:51 PM, Anonymous andrew said...

the bright side is that Michigan, under Carr, has never gone more than 2 years without winning the Big Ten. hopefully, that portends well for next season, as winning the conference could very well be a ticket to n'awlins...


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