Monday, April 30, 2007

Sights to see on a Michigan Football Saturday

Being at Michigan Stadium two Saturdays ago for the final spring practice got me thinking about the things I like to see and do on a Michigan Football Saturday in the fall. There are so many sights and sounds to experience on gameday. There are almost as many ways to experience a Michigan Football Saturday as there are fans in attendance at "The Big House." However, here are just a few suggestions of things you may want to check out this fall during your trip to A2 (i.e., Ann Arbor). First, you want to make sure you look good for the weekend so you can always stop in for a haircut at the Coach and Four Barber Shop run by Jerry Erickson who cut Coach Bo Schembechler's hair since Bo arrived in Ann Arbor in 1969. Once you are looking good, you want to kick off your Michigan Football Saturday with a hearty breakfast to get your day started off on the right foot. Although many people swear by their breakfast tailgates, I prefer to leave the cooking to the pros at Angelo's. Just make sure to get there plenty early as the line to get in often stretches around the corner. However, it is well worth the wait. Just make sure to leave enough time so that you can make it over to Revelli Hall a couple of hours before game time so that you can watch the Michigan Marching Band Drumline warm-up. If bopping your head in time with the beat of the drums makes you hungry, you can wander a little bit down E. Hoover and hit the "Dollar Dogs" stand which is located just over the railroad tracks. The stand even added hamburgers to their menu last season. Then about an hour before kickoff the entire Michigan Marching Band marches from Revelli Hall to Michigan Stadium (via E. Hoover with a left at Greene St. and then to the Stadium parking lot before stopping outside the steps of Gate 1). Many in the crowd follow the band to the stadium. Don't forget to pick up your free game program when you are at the corner of E. Hoover/Greene. The free programs are the best value going outside of the Absopure Water. Just make sure when you get your free program that you put it away quickly so that your hands are free to catch a pass from Randy "the Michigan Football Thrower" who stands on the brick retaining wall of the Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE) building. Just make sure that you don't drop the pass and that you have enough of an arm to get the ball back to Randy or you will feel like a doofus. After taking in the sights and sounds outside the stadium, you will want to get to your seat with enough time to watch Michigan come out of the tunnel and touch the "M Go Blue" banner prior to kickoff. After that, it's time to watch a Michigan victory! Go Blue!


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