Friday, June 15, 2007

Adrian Arrington runs himself back onto team

As has been widely reported, WR Adrian Arrington has successfully served his punishment and has been allowed to rejoin the team. Apparently, Arrington's penance included the time honored tradition of running the stadium steps in the morning. At the Carr's Wash 4 Kids last Saturday, Arrington was quoted as saying, "(Carr) was really hard. It was probably the toughest situation I had to go through in my life. It was work. But I'm glad I made it."

Arrington's punishment was reminiscent of that served by 1998 Rose Bowl MVP Brian Griese following an incident at Scorekeepers Sports Bar & Grill. Small piece of trivia: Do you know who was with Griese at Scorekeepers when the future National Championship QB kicked a plate glass window and shattered it? None other than his then teammate (and now Michigan QB's Coach) Scot Loeffler. As Griese recounts in his book "Undefeated", a bouncer shoved Loeffler to the ground and Griese kicked the plate glass window in response and the window shattered. The rest, as they say, is history. Go Blue!

*Note: Photo of Adrian Arrington (16) by John T. Greilick/The Detroit News



At 9:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to bounce at scorekeepers back in 94-95 (I was a soph) and although I wasn't still working there when the Griese thing went down, word on the street general word on campus was that he was totally wasted and threw a shot glass through the window. Also word was that he and whoever he was with provoked it and not the other way around.

Who knows what the correct version was this many years later, but I had heard a few stories of Griese being an a-hole back in the day. I only saw him 2 or 3 times in person (at a few parties) and he came off like a total self-absorbed douche.

FWIW, just my 2c.

At 10:25 PM, Blogger mzgoblue said...

I also remember hearing at the time that Griese threw a glass through the window but he insisted in his book that he KICKED the plate glass window causing it to shatter. As for who instigated the incident Griese, in his book, does seem to shift the blame to the Scorekeepers' bouncer but it does not take much reading between the lines to see that the real responsiblity lies with Griese and Loeffler. As for Griese's personality, you are not the first person to remark that he is very conceited. On the other hand, Griese does also appear to be very generous in terms of charitable work. It is an interesting mix. Thanks for your comments. Your 2 cents are always appreciated.


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