Sunday, May 13, 2007 tracks the story of WTKA's firing of Dave Shand

Dave Shand is an Ann Arbor-area attorney and former Michigan hockey player who was co-hosting "In the Locker Room" on WTKA (1050-AM). His show was doing well in the ratings but he was prone to making a lot of "outrageous" comments. Apparently, Michigan Athletic Director Bill Martin had enough and he allegedly put sufficient pressure on the radio station management to have Shand fired. The webmaster from has done a superb job of following this entire saga and I did not want his posts regarding this matter to go unnoticed. Read them if you get the opportunity. It is well worth it. Whether or not you liked Shand's shtick (and, frankly, I was not the biggest fan) it is interesting to see how A.D. Martin is allegedly willing to throw around the weight of the Michigan Athletic Department. Go Blue!

*Note: Photo of former WTKA morning host Dave Shand from the website


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