Saturday, June 23, 2007

You're with me leather!

Mike Hart explains how he manages to hold onto the pigskin. In the 2007 Rose Bowl game, Hart surpassed 750 consecutive touches without losing a fumble. Hart has fumbled the ball just three times during his career, once in 2004 and twice in 2006. He had a streak of 450 consecutive touches without a fumble come to an end in 2006 vs. CMU when he fumbled the ball on the opening play of the game but Mario Manningham recovered the ball. Later in the year, Hart had the ball knocked out of his possession and out of the end zone for a safety vs. Ball State but was not credited with a lost fumble. Hart went the entire 2005 season without fumbling the ball. The only time he LOST a fumble in his career was as a freshman on 9/25/04 vs. Iowa on a running play near the end zone in the 4th quarter. Hart must have learned his lesson. Go Blue!


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