Sunday, September 02, 2007

Michigan vs Appalachian State 2007

Here is a good video recap of the game from the Big Ten Network. Go Blue!


At 11:19 PM, Blogger Andrew said...

no BTN and i didn't bother watching ESPN after the game, so my first time seeing this. dear god, the safety play was horrendous. i can't believe how bad our safeties are. seriously, every single TD or big gain for app state was as a result of safeties being out of position or biting hard on fakes (mostly the former, it seemed). if this is going to be the level of play from our secondary going forward, Michigan is going to have some serious issues against any half-competent QB.

i foolishly thought to myself earlier that maybe they were just super rusty and would pull things together. could they possibly right the ship and win out? and what a kick in the pants it would be for the one loss to be to a 1-aa team.

but after having watched that, i am seriously fearful for the rest of the season. could we be in for the season of impossibly improbably infinite humiliation?


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