Monday, November 12, 2007

Bo's Lasting Lessons

As part of the Ohio State Game week festivities, I attended the U of M Club of Downriver's Beat Ohio State Bust. The featured speaker was Author John U. Bacon who recently had the book he co-wrote with Coach Schembechler published. The book is titled "Bo's Lasting Lessons". Bacon was a dynamic speaker and the audience was entranced by his stories. He is also an excellent writer and the book is a great read. Here is an excerpt from the book. Below, in the next two posts, are YouTube clips of a speech that Bacon gave before the book was released. The clips typify the presentation I witnessed tonight although he was actually more polished in his presentation tonight than he was back at that time. That is probably because he has honed his "stump speech" on his book tour much like a presidential candidate on the barnstorming circuit. Regardless, if you miss Bo (his passing occurred just about one year ago) you will like the old stories that Bacon recounts in the YouTube clips below.

As for the book, here are some additional excerpts that were published by The Detroit News during Ohio State game week:

Go Blue!



At 9:24 AM, Blogger Rybu said...

John did an awesome job representing Michigan on the HBO UM-osu rivalry special.


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