Friday, March 21, 2008

Wealth of information stored at the Vault

Sports Illustrated has unveiled a fabulous new feature at called "The Vault". It is a searchable archive of every issue of SI since its inception in 1954. As a loyal subscriber of SI since 1979, I found this feature incredibly entertaining. This feature allows you to read the articles and/or look at the magazine in its original format. It is very cool. I will be incorporating old SI articles about Michigan football into my blog posts. For example, check out my post regarding the 1979 season which has SI articles about the Notre Dame and Ohio State games. Also, I have often posted the SI cover picture of Rick Leach from the September 6, 1976 issue. Now you can read the magazine instead of just staring at the cover. Go Blue!

*Note: Sports Illustrated (9-6-76) cover photo of Rick Leach by Lane Stewart


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