Saturday, May 10, 2008

Braylon Edwards is not happy with Coach Rod's choice for #1 jersey

Legendary Michigan wide receiver Braylon Edwards spoke out this week regarding his unhappiness with what he perceived as Coach Rod's slight regarding the assignment of the #1 jersey. In April, 2006, Edwards endowed a $500,000 scholarship to be awarded annually to the player who wears the #1 jersey. When Edwards announced the endowment he paid tribute to the "original" No. 1 at Michigan, Anthony Carter, a three-time All-American and the player who made the jersey iconic. Edwards credits Carter, who was a former teammate of his father, Stan, for providing him with a role model and for being a pioneer in Michigan’s wide receiving game. It was Edwards' desire and intent for the #1 jersey to be awarded to a wide receiver as has been the case since Carter first donned it in 1979. However, Edwards believes that Coach Rod may be assigning the coveted #1 jersey this year to J.T. Floyd a freshman defensive back. Edwards expressed his displeasure on multiple ESPN shows this week. Michigan fans have generally been dismayed by this turn of events and are wondering how long it will take for Coach Rod to correct his latest public relations blunder. Hopefully, Coach Rod will embrace the #1 jersey tradition just as Coach Schembechler embraced Michigan's traditions when Bo took over the team in 1969. Go Blue!

*Note: Photo by Sam Webb from of Braylon Edwards (left) and Anthony Carter during the April, 2006 event announcing the creation of the scholarship endowment.

**UPDATE ON 5/21/08: Coach Rod indicated that the controversy surrounding the #1 jersey has been settled. He said he didn't fully understand the significance of the No. 1 jersey and -- once he found out -- removed it, and no one will wear it this fall. Coach Rod stated, "But I'm educated now. ... If I could fix all problems as easily as I fixed that one, we're in a good place."

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At 5:22 PM, Blogger Markus said...

I think the tradition of a WR wearing No. 1 has been special at Michigan. I disagree with giving the number to a 2 star DB recruit. But if it is an award, then let other players: QBs, RBs, LBs, CBs earn it. The idea that only 10 players have a shot at it, WRs, Slotbacks or SEs doesn't jive with the more important Michigan tradition of "The Team, The Team, the Team". If it's such a sensitive issue, remove the No.1 jersey all together and dish out Wolverine helmet awards again. At least then, offensive and defensive lineman, starters and walk-ons all have a shot to play, earn and display. Only 1 players gets to wear No. 1. That players should be a leader and wear it with honour. But the fact is, all Michigan jersey numbers carry a great deal of history and responsibility.

My last point would be, for Michigan fans football is a obviously a kind of "religion". But there is a new coach now and I think it's would be a mistake to not allow RR room for new traditions to take hold.

At 3:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am with Braylon. This is a wonderful U of M tradition and should go to the teams top Wideout. If there is not a standout at that position for a season (or more), than the jersey should go unclaimed until someone worthy of it's excellence comes along and earns it.

At 11:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know what is more priceless??? Him wearing a PSU shirt tonight during his interview on MNF with the Michigan-PSU game coming this week. I love it!


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