Saturday, September 13, 2008

Superback Sam McGuffie gains close to half of Michigan's yardage vs. ND

Superback Sam McGuffie (a true freshman) lived up to his billing as he once again carried the Michigan offense. McGuffie's 178 all-purpose yards (131 rushing yds., 47 receiving yds., 1 td.) accounted for close to half of Michigan's 388 yards of total offense. Often referred to as a YouTube sensation (with over 2 million hits), McGuffie has proven he is the real deal as he has carried the load of the Wolverines' offense for the first three games of the season. In today's game vs. Notre Dame, McGuffie had 100 yards of total offense in the first quarter as he rushed nine times for 57 yards and collected three receptions for 43 yards. He averaged an astounding 8.33 yards per play in the first quarter. Today marked McGuffie's first 100-yard rushing game of his Michigan career and he became the first 100-yard rusher for the Wolverines this season. In Michigan Football history, there have only been two players to lead the Wolverines in rushing for 4 seasons- Jamie Morris (1984-1987) and Mike Hart (2004-2007). McGuffie has a good chance to join that elite company before he is done. Go Blue!

*NOTE: Photo of Sam McGuffie (2) running for a TD vs. Notre Dame on 9/13/08 by JOHN T. GREILICK/The Detroit News.


At 4:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

McGuffie is really a self taught smart, finely honed, tough, experienced, confident yet humble, really able to improve his abilities yet further, type runner !

he needs to learn how to block tho.
pissed he doesnt block well. i want him to work on the crowder, and with the guys. he needs to impove this !!! it will make him great instead of just very good !

Sam,,,,,, you listening !!!!!
Damnit ! i mean that !!!! you learn to be the best blocker and that will open your ability to improve your running.......and you know.......i think you'll really like the dimension of blocking even better than running.......if your truly that good...........
and i know.....yeah KNOW you can double your ability.......but its NOT in running that youll do that..... when you learn the wonderful hitting and smashing and selflessness of pure will appreciate the wonderful lift it will give your running ability !!!!!!!!!
i know damn well you can do it too !!!!!!

ODDLY, through that crucible you will find that special grail... that you know is there when you run the ball !

you will find extra toughness,
superior "hitfulness"
the pure joy of one on one, where you are the victor !

those leaps that i know you want to do....but are holding back on.
(which i am particularly pleased to see..... shows you have respect and sense and patience and professionalism)
yeah those leaps you will desire less that the ability to hit and run. Hit hard ,,,,, really hard,,, really really hard !!!! and run right thru......where you never thought you could......

then those leaps will be icing.....but you will always, ALWAYYS LOVE THE HITTING way above them !

also.......dont be afraid to use your forearm shivers, straignt arm pushes.......(you can still hold onto the ball tight when using them)

youre running is really good ! love it ! but you need to work on your hitting !!!!


now dont get so infatuated with the hitting that you forget the running tho. that's a problem !
dont end up wanting to hit more than run....and vice versa.

keep them in balance. or betteer yet in perspective.....some days more running.....some days more hitting.

youll know the difference !


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