Sunday, April 05, 2009

Developing a Michigan QB

Freshman phenom Robert "Tate" Forcier is poised to take the reins in 2009 of Coach Rodriguez' spread offense. Tate was a heavily groomed and highly recruited prospect. He comes from a line of quarterbacks including his brother Jason who was once a Wolverine during the Coach Carr regime. If, as expected, Tate is the 2009 opening game starting QB, it will mark only the 5th time in Michigan history that a true freshman has started a game at QB. (The others were Rick Leach '75; Rich Hewlett '79; Chad Henne '04; and Ryan Mallett '07). Tate would be only the third true freshman to start the opening game (Leach and Henne also performed the feat).

As is well known, the Forcier family has a website (QB Force) dedicated to following the athletic exploits of the boys. An interesting tidbit found on Tate's page is that his personal trainer/QB Coach was Marv Marinovich. As you may recall, Mr. Marinovich is the father of former USC quarterback Todd Marinovich who flamed out in the pros as a result of a drug addiction that many people attributed to forming as a result of Marv's overbearing actions. (For a good primer on the background of the Marv Marinovich/Todd Marinovich debacle read the SI cover article "The Minefield" from the September 3, 1990 issue). Marv Marinovich was a frequent visitor to his son's practices at USC. Hopefully, Coach Rodriguez will keep Marv Marinovich away from his new star pupil Forcier and the Michigan Football program. The Wolverines allegedly have a world class trainer in Mike Barwis and have a QB coach in Rod Smith who knows Coach Rodriguez' offense backwards and forward. Thus, there is no continued need for the services of outside consultant Marv Marinovich. If his track record with his troubled son Todd is any indication, Mr. Marinovich is not a good influence to have around Tate Forcier. Nevertheless, he may try and hang around and "stay involved" in some unofficial capacity much like Chad Henne's high school coach did during Henne's four years at Michigan. Henne's controversial high school coach Jim Cantafio hung around the program as an informal advisor to Henne and his family as Cantafio bided his time for Henne to turn pro possibly hoping he would be given some dough. Tate has already made it to Michigan. Coach Rodriguez can take his game to the next level. They don't need Marinovich. If the Forcier family hasn't already, they should drop him like a bad habit. Go Blue!

*Note: Photo of Tate Forcier (5) by JOHN T. GREILICK/The Detroit News


At 1:46 PM, Anonymous Spread Offense said...

Tate Forcier will be exactly what the doctor ordered for the shot-gun spread option offense of Coach Rod.

At 5:42 PM, Anonymous chillmodious said...

Interesting timing what with the news that Todd Marijuanavich is back in jail as of yesterday. I'm a bit unnerved about the connection between Tate and Daddy M, but I tend to believe that Todd's issues were more about the pressure to please his father--who doubled as his coach. Whereas Tate seemingly has a supportive family that acts as a natural buffer to some of those potentially negative influences.

Still, the very name "Marinovich" being linked to a Michigan QB is not something I casually disregard.

At 12:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marv Marinovich has trained Tate for many years. Todd Marinovich has been instrumental in Tate's training. For you people to discount that is wrong...


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