Sunday, August 06, 2006

Is the PSD waived for Fritz Crisler's seat?

Things are beginning to build to a fever pitch as Michigan fans such as myself have received their home season ticket packages in the mail. The stadium will be filled beyond its seating capacity of 107,501 when the first football Saturday of the fall arrives on September 2nd. As an interesting tidbit, as many of you know, the one "extra" seat in the Michigan Stadium capacity number given to Michigan Stadium every year since 1956 is for Fritz Crisler's seat. However, it is a mystery as to where that seat is located in the Stadium. Nevertheless, it would not surprise me if A.D. Bill Martin instructed Associate A.D./Ticket Manager Marty Bodnar to assess a PSD (Preferred Seat Donation) to Crisler's heirs for Fritz's seat in the stadium. Hopefully, the seat is not on the fifty-yard line where it would cost the family an additional $500 for the PSD. If this happens, the family should say the seat is in the endzone and put the burden on Mr. Bodnar to prove otherwise. 27 days and counting until kickoff. Go Blue!


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