Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Who should be the 2006 team captains?

There is talk that junior tailback Mike Hart might be named one of the team captains. As outlined in a prior post, every year since 1970 Michigan has named multiple players (either two or three) to serve as team captains with at least one player coming from the offensive side and one player from the defensive side. In the late-90's a couple of offensive lineman each served as captain for multiple years. Jon Jansen was a co-Captain in 1997 and again in 1998 and Steve Hutchinson was a tri-captain in 1999 and a co-Captain in 2000. Jansen and Hutchinson were both seniors with junior eligibility the first year they each served as captain. What would be unique is if Mike Hart was elected captain by his teammates in that Hart is a true junior and historically only seniors or fifth-year seniors have served as team captain.

From the defense, I would like to see LaMarr Woodley be named a captain. As for the offense, I think Mike Hart is an excellent choice. If I had to pick a senior I would go with Steve Breaston but I think it would be a good choice for the team to go with Mike Hart despite the fact he is not yet a senior. He exemplifies the qualities the Wolverines want in a player. Therefore, I think the 2006 co-captains should be Woodley and Hart. Go Blue!


At 8:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Without a doubt Woodley should be a captain. He has the heart that we need to stuff the competion. Beyond him, Hart is a decent choice for offense.


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