Friday, September 08, 2006

The press box opens up to a blogger

The Michigan Stadium Press Box may have to be re-named the press/blogger box now that a member of the blogger ranks has been credentialed by the University's Media Relations Department. Sadly, it is not yours truly who is realizing the dream of being called to "The Show" tomorrow. It is none other than 16-year old blogger Sean of Michigan Sports Center. He is going to do a live blog during the game from the cozy confines of the Michigan Stadium press box. This guy is my hero! I've always wanted to watch a game, ONE GAME, from the press box and he is doing it in an official capacity he earned at only 16-years of age. I thought it was a big deal when he snagged an interview with super punter Zoltan Mesko but Sean was not satisfied with that. He blogged himself into the press box. Impressive. I hope his blog receives a massive amount of hits as a result of his press box postings. Go Blue!


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