Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tom Slade died Sunday at age 54

As I previously posted, former QB Tom Slade was battling leukemia. He succumbed to the disease on Sunday night after a tough fight. He was 54 years old. Dr. Slade was the quarterback on Bo's 1971 team that went 11-0 during the regular season and were just 14 seconds from perfection. Years later, Dr. Slade served as a color analyst for Michigan football games on WUOM-FM. Dr Slade was a successful dentist in the Ann Arbor area and he had Coach Schembechler as one of his patients. Dr. Slade is survived by his wife, Pam St. John, his sons Andrew and Spencer Slade, and his sister, Valerie Slade. Funeral services are scheduled for Thursday at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Ann Arbor. Go Blue.

*Note: Photo of QB Tom Slade (17) conferring with Coach Schembechler on the sidelines from Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan



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