Thursday, January 11, 2007

Red Zone conversion rate: What a difference a year makes

After last season, I authored a post titled "Red Zone = Danger Zone in 2005" (June 1, 2006). Last season, Michigan's offense only converted 79.3% of its red zone scoring opportunities. In 2006, Michigan's offense improved its red zone scoring conversion rate by almost ten percentage points. This season the Wolverines scored on 42-47 red zone opportunities for an 89% conversion rate. Of those 42 scores, twenty-eight were touchdowns and the other fourteen were field goals.

The 2006 defense also improved by about ten percentage points. In 2005, the Michigan defense allowed opponents in the red zone to score 86.5% of the time. In 2006, the defense was stingier by about 10 percentage points as opponents only converted 19-25 (76%) red zone opportunities. In 2006, the Red Zone was not the Danger Zone. This year it was more like the Promised Land. Go Blue!



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