Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Depth chart, injury update, and odds & ends

The depth chart for this week's game against Oregon is out and it is a little different than the week one lineup. Of note, Brandent Englemon is now listed as the starting Free Saftey (last week it was Stevie Brown) and freshmen sensation Donovan Warren is listed as the top option at right cornerback. Warren gets the nod over Johnny Sears who started in week one. Alex Mitchell (last season's starting Right Guard) is not listed on this version of the depth chart but still may return from his injury to play in the game against the Ducks this Saturday. At the Monday Press Conference, Coach Carr was asked about the status of Alex Mitchell and Carlos Brown and Coach Carr stated, "I'm hoping that both of them can practice. We'll see particularly tomorrow when we go back into pads and see how they respond. But they are both close. Whether or not they can get ready to play this week, we'll just have to see."

C. Brown was on the sideline in uniform late in the game last Saturday with his hand heavily bandaged. With Hart ailing and Minor having fumbled, I thought it was possible that C. Brown was going to be inserted into the lineup against Appalachian State but it never materialized. Jeremy Ciulla (Right Guard) has been filling in while Mitchell recovers but Ciulla suffered an injury and left last Saturday's game. It must not have been too serious because Ciulla is currently listed on the top of the depth chart at RG for this week's game.

Odds & Ends:
  • Youtube video of Penn State and Ohio State fans, respectively, showing Michigan their love and support when the field goal was blocked. I have reliable reports that MSU fans were doing the same exact thing but I do not have Youtube video of it.
  • Coach Carr confirmed that team tri-captain Shawn Crable's assignment was to block the inside edge rusher (Corey Lynch) on the field goal attempt that ended the game.
  • In the Detroit Free Press coverage in the Sunday paper, it awarded Crable the "game ball" for his outstanding defensive play. The missed assignment on the field goal protection means to me that he did not deserve such an honor. Although he played well, a senior captain needs to make good decisions. His poor choice/missed assignment meant Gingell's kick never had a chance.

Go Blue!


At 6:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The videos of Ohio State and Penn State fans celebrating reminds me of the videos of various Islamic extremist populations celebrating on 9/11.


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