Sunday, November 18, 2007

First down? What's that?

Michigan's offense (and I use that term loosely) only managed eight (8) first downs during the entire game versus the Buckeyes. Michigan obtained 3 first downs rushing, 3 first downs passing and 2 first downs on penalties. Five of Michigan's eight first downs came in the first half of the game. Of Michigan's paltry second half total of three (3) first downs, two came on penalties on Ohio State. The other second half first down came on a six yard run by Mike Hart on a third and two play in the third quarter.

Michigan's offense went "three and out" on five of seven offensive possessions in the first half. Things only got worse in the second half as the offense went "three and out" on six possessions and "four and out" on one possession. Only once in the second half did an offensive series last longer than four plays and that was on a seven play "drive" that ended up covering a whopping fifteen yards and consuming 3:07 on the clock. That "drive" also ended in a Zoltan Mesko punt. Michigan's offensive coordinator Mike DeBord could never find the right plays to jump start the team and the offense floundered all afternoon. The result was a devastating loss and a missed opportunity at the Rose Bowl. Go Blue!


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