Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Justin Boren explains his departure

Justin Boren issued a statement regarding his departure from the Wolverines.
"I regret leaving behind my friends and teammates, but I need to stand up
for what I know is right
. I wore the winged helmet with pride, whether we won or lost, whether things were going well or times were tough. Michigan football was a family, built on
mutual respect and support for each other from (former) Coach (Lloyd) Carr on down. We knew it took the entire family, a team effort, and we all worked together. I have great trouble accepting that those family values have eroded in just a few months. That same helmet, that I was raised on and proudly claimed for the last two years, now brings a completely different emotion to me, one that interferes with practicing and playing my best and mentally preparing for what is required. That I am unable to perform under these circumstances at the level I expect of myself, and my teammates and Michigan fans deserve, is why I have made the decision to leave. To those of you outside the program, the loyal Michigan fans and alumni, I know you will have trouble understanding, but I do want to thank you for your years of support. I wish my teammates the best and will always be proud to have been a part of Michigan football over the past two years
Boren will stay in school to finish the semester at Michigan and it is unknown to what school he will transfer. Boren has not used his redshirt season yet and will have two years of eligibility remaining even after having to sit out next season. Go Blue!

*Note: Photo of Justin Boren by JOHN T. GREILICK/The Detroit News


At 4:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Justin Boren is just pissed because he dosent like the fact that he actually has to earn his starting job instead of jusst having it handed to him like in years past. Michigan's family values have not eroded at all.


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