Saturday, July 25, 2009

Five Questions that should be asked of Coach Rod at the Big 10 Media Days

The Big 10 Football Media Days are generally an exercise in futility as the coaches spout rote answers ("one game at a time"; "we'll have to see how things shake out in practice", etc.) to the same tired questions. Here are five (5) questions that should be asked of Coach Rod:

1.) Last year your team exhibited a lack of sideline discipline during the 1st quarter of the Ohio State game and, consequently, looked chaotic in the final game of the year in front of a nationally televised audience. What, if anything, have you done to make sure that there is not a repeat performance this season of the disarray seen on the sideline during the OSU game?

Follow-up: Are you going to allow S&C Associate Director Chris Allen (who instigated the OSU sideline debacle) back on the sidelines this season?

2.) Last season you primarily spent your time in practice on the offensive side of the ball while Defensive Coordinator Scott Shafer handled the defense. With a new Defensive Coordinator (Greg Robinson-former Syracuse Head Coach) in charge of the defense, how much time- percentage wise- do you plan on spending with the defense in Fall Practice?

Follow-up: How much autonomy will DC Greg Robinson have with how he runs the defense?

3.) Coach Rod you instituted the "Victors Walk" last year and allowed the players to be dressed in team issued sweats as they arrived to the stadium as opposed to the 39-year tradition started by Bo of requiring the players to be clad in a coat-and-tie while representing the University. Why did you choose to relax the dress code?

4.) A quick strategy question. What is the optimum- in terms of percentage of plays- in the breakdown of run vs. pass plays that you would like to see your offense achieve?

5.) You have a sign on the locker room door that exits into the hallway leading to the tunnel with the message "No Mercy". Can you give specific examples of plays on the field that exemplify what you are looking for when you say you want the players to show "No Mercy"?

Go Blue!


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