Saturday, August 12, 2006

Coach Moeller: Unassuming former star player

One of the interesting comments in Fantasy Camper Jon Chait's recent article was that of all the coaches he met at the camp that Coach Andy Moeller may have been the least awe-inspiring. Chait wrote that his brother even referred to Coach Moeller as the Coach most likely to be mistaken for a camper. I found that comment particularly funny in light of the fact that Coach Moeller is one of only three coaches (Erik Campbell and Scot Loeffler being the others) on the current Wolverines staff who actually played for Michigan. In fact, Moeller was Co-Captain of the team that went to the 1987 Rose Bowl game. Moeller was a star linebacker for Bo and amassed 326 career tackles which ranks him #12 on the all-time list for the Wolverines. Moeller intercepted 3 passes in a game in 1986 (vs. Wisconsin on 10-4-86) which is a feat no Wolverine has been able to surpass or duplicate in the 19 succeeding seasons. Thus, it is ironic that Chait's brother would dub Moeller the coach most likely to be mistaken for a camper when in fact Moeller was the biggest college star of anyone on the staff. Moeller is in his 7th season coaching for the Wolverines. He is the Offensive Line coach which is a switch from his playing days on the defensive side of the ball. Oh, and yes, he is the son of former Head Coach Gary Moeller. Go Blue!


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