Thursday, August 10, 2006

Fantasy Camper Debriefed

The First Annual U of M Men's Fantasy Football Experience was conducted on August 3-4, 2006, and it gave the 100 or so fantasy campers a chance to experience from the inside what it's like to be a Wolverine. Fantasy camper Jon Chait was debriefed (as in he provided information about his experience not debriefed as in getting pantsed by Coach English during bed check) and has an article that was posted by the Dean of the M Blogosphere and WSOP hero: Brian of MGoBlog. Chait's article is a great read for multiple reasons. First, it is very well written and it provides an insider's view of what transpired at the fantasy camp. If you are debating whether it is worth it to plunk down the $2,500 entry fee for next year's camp then this article is a must read. It gives you all the scoop about the process the campers went through during the two-day camp. The second, and more important, reason that Chait's article is a great read is that it provides valuable insight into each of the Coach's tendencies and personalities. Chait's observations appear to be quite keen and thoughtful. If nothing else, they sure are entertaining.

Chait's observations about Coach Carr's philosphy regarding protecting the ball and the lead were particularly interesting. Coach Carr, and this is not surprising, appears to preach a strict adherence to the philosphy of conservative run play-calling late in the game when the team has a small lead. This is not surprising because we have all seen this philosphy put in action many times over the years. However, the success rate of this philosphy is open for debate. For some outstanding analysis refer to Vijay's July 8, 2006 post at his site iBlog for Cookies where he looks at 4th quarter meltdowns.

Chait also spends a lot of time discussing new defensive coordinator Ron English who Chait makes sound like quite a dynamo. Chait came away from the camp very impressed and the article left me intrigued about how English's defense may fare this year.

Chait is to be commended for this outstanding piece and I also appreciate the fact that Brian at MGoBlog posted it. Go Blue!



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