Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Vacation is over and the season is almost upon us

I have returned from my vacation from the Raleigh-Durham area (and yes, I did visit both Duke's and North Carolina's football stadiums but there is not much to see) and the Michigan football season is almost right on top of us. I did not announce my absence prior to leaving because it was my intention to continue blogging while I was on the trip but things did not work out that way. Nevertheless, I am back and ready to go. A couple of tidbits from my trip. First, Duke season ticket packages were being advertised on tv for $84. That's right. Eighty-four dollars for the entire season. I guess the Blue Devils really are a basketball school. Secondly, I learned that the 1942 Rose Bowl game was played at Duke's stadium rather than in Pasadena, CA because of WWII. I did not know that.

As for Michigan news while I was traveling, it appears that the AP pre-season poll was released and the Wolverines were ranked #14 while they were ranked #10 in the Sports Illustrated College Football Preview Issue. Also, LaMarr Woodley (Sr./Sr.) and Jake Long (Sr./Jr.) have been elected by their teammates to serve as the 2006 team captains. Rumors abound that Michigan has suffered some injuries in camp on the offensive line to Mike Kolodziej and Justin Boren. No confirmation yet from the coaching staff re: the injuries and do not hold your breath waiting for any either. Eleven days and counting until kickoff. Go Blue!


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